Variedades de Conocimiento

De la misma fuente que las variedades de Ignorancia, las de Conocimiento. Ya sé, ya sé, eso no es noticia, porque no me meto con nadie, pero es un complemento de lo ya publicado, no vayáis a pensar que sólo pienso en negativo. No digáis que no son acertados estos anglos. Aunque yo añadiría algunas más, como «conocedores de televisión», «conocedores de vinos», ….. y otros.


Varieties of knowledge:
· Empirical knowledge — that which can be empirically proved to be true or factual
· Experiential knowledge — that which comes from personal experience
· Traditional ‘common’ knowledge — the collective experiential knowledge of a community or culture, handed down, by those who have lived in the same place for a long time
· Religious knowledge — more about that in a future article; Berry says that «those who premise the falsehood of such knowledge [like me] of course don’t have it and their opinion of it is worthless»
· Instinctive and intuitive knowledge — that which need not be learned, which is known without the need for proof
· Conscience or moral knowledge — the knowledge of the difference between right and wrong, appropriate and inappropriate behaviours
· Inspiration and imagination — knowledge that comes from sources that cannot be empirically located
· Sympathy and affection — the intimate knowledge of others that comes by relating to and connecting with them
· Bodily knowledge — the ability to apply skillfully what is conceptually known
· Counterfeit knowledge — falsehoods that are known to be such but are nonetheless plausible


A fin de cuentas, sin conocimiento no habría multitud de cosas, tampoco innovación.

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